About Insolar

Insolar outlines a new vision for blockchain, in which key features such as network capacity and consensus are addressed in a way that will enable shared business processes and optimize contractual transactions for enterprise operations.

The Insolar platform offers flexible governance, which will allow users to choose between using an Insolar public network—creating a domain with its own rules—or hybridizing the public network and a private domain. Private domains can be stand-alone private networks with their own servers or permissioned networks with resources provided by ecosystem members. This flexibility enables distributed business networks where everyone can select the configuration and domain features that best meet their needs.

Insolar’s smart contracts are designed with enterprise developers’ needs in mind. They are streamlined to work with business logic, and they are easy to develop using Golang and, soon, Java and other JVM-based code. Moreover, the Insolar platform provides data safety features that enable businesses to run their operations on public networks if they choose while being compliant with regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other country-specific or company-specific cryptography standards.

Insolar’s vision is to facilitate seamless low friction interactions between companies by distributing trust, thus accelerating and opening up new opportunities for innovation and value creation.

The Insolar platform is the most secure, scalable, and comprehensive business-ready blockchain toolkit in the world. Insolar’s goal is to give businesses access to features and services that enable them to launch new decentralized applications quickly and easily, whether they need a minimum viable product or full-scale production software and to integrate those applications with existing systems.