Insolar documentation

Welcome to Insolar documentation.

Developers: Start with a guide

If you are a developer, explore Insolar technologies and run Insolar locally for testing purposes.

Understand Insolar

Take a look at the big picture

Take a deep dive

Explore the intricacies of Insolar architecture

Start step by step

Set up an Insolar network locally

Exchange and wallet developers: Integrate with Insolar

Just like the rest of the world, Insolar is moving along the path towards decentralization.

Trace Insolar’s path to decentralization

Learn what is Insolar MainNet, what infrastructure powers it, and how it is decentralized

To integrate with Insolar MainNet at the current state of development, follow these steps:

Follow integration scenarios

Explore integration scenarios for various use cases

Build an API requester

Learn how to form and sign requests to Insolar MainNet API

Run your own Observer node

Deploy a node that replicates MainNet data

Consult the MainNet API references for implementation details:

Smart contract API reference

Explore the MainNet API for creating members and transactions

Read-only API reference

Explore the read-only MainNet API provided by an Observer node

Users: Swap INS to XNS

If you are a user, learn how to swap the token for the coin.

Test the swap

On the TestNet, get test INS tokens and swap them for test XNS coins

Perform the swap

On the MainNet, swap your INS tokens for XNS coins native to MainNet

Use a hardware wallet

Store and manage XNS via Ledger Nano S or X